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How to Measure - Advanced Introduction

This section of the CD provides information on measurement techniques and how UV measurement equipment functions.

Radiometers and other types of UV measurement equipment use a combination of optic/electronic components to collect, process, calculate and display their information. The instruments are run through, inserted into or mounted into the extremely harsh UV environment of different types of UV systems. In addition to their exposure to this harsh environment on an hourly or daily basis, occasionally these instruments are accidentally dropped or get stuck in/under a UV system. Nonetheless, users still expect results to be within a very small fraction of a percent -similar to that of other precision measurement devices such as voltmeters or thermometers. Expectations in the fraction of a percentage range are outside the normal performance limits of most units used to measure industrial UV curing applications.

Users can minimize the differences and improve readings by:

The advanced section here offers information to help you select the best instrument for your application. It also reviews instrument calibration and some of the optical and electronic factors, which contribute to instrument performance.

The discussion is general. For specific questions about a particular radiometer or instrument, it is best to contact the manufacturer of the instrument. When making comparisons between instruments, make sure that you are making ‘apples to apples' and not ‘apples to oranges' comparisons.