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Ten tips for maintaining process control and using your radiometer properly

  1. Establish, document and maintain your UV process window to save time and money.
  2. Maintain a job log, establish and assign ownership of the UV equipment, process and measurement in your facility.
  3. Select an instrument suitable for your application and monitor the UV bandwidths that are important to your process.
  4. Use your UV measurement equipment properly and in the manner in which it was designed. Educate your staff on the variables in your process, which need to be monitored.
  5. The frequency of measurement depends on your process window, application, product, equipment, maintenance program, quality control requirements and experience at tracking and identifying changes. It is much easier to measure more frequently in the beginning until you get to know your process and establish your production parameters than it is to try and correct problems because not enough measurements were made. You can always reduce the number of readings that you make once you have control of your process.
  6. Establish a preventative maintenance program and schedule for your UV related equipment.
  7. Plan a course of action on what you will do when your readings fall outside of your acceptable values.
  8. Your radiometer is an instrument. Handle it with care. Avoid letting it drop off the end of your conveyor. If the unit is dropped or damaged and you notice changes in the readings on your job log, it is time to get the instrument evaluated.
  9. Calibration adjusts for slight changes in the optics that are caused by exposure to the UV. Manufacturers set up recommended calibration intervals. The actual performance of your radiometer is going to depend on the amount of use and the irradiance levels that the unit encounters.
  10. Decide how you will communicate both in your facility and with your suppliers. Communicate with your suppliers on a regular basis, not just when you are having problems.