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Instrument Basics - Measurement Strategies

When designing, developing and bringing new UV measurement instrument to market, a manufacturer identifies a need or application that they feel will benefit from a new or improved product. Market research and testing of prototype units allows the manufacturer to refine and improve the product before it is released.

Often the manufacturer has an idea or two about how an instrument can be used to measure UV. End users, who know their equipment and process better than anyone else often take an instrument along with some imagination and ingenuity and use it in ways never imagined by the manufacturer.

This section offers thoughts, suggestions, tips and ideas on measurement strategies for different types of equipment. The strategies should be viewed as starting points and adopted for your individual process. Hopefully some of the ideas will hit home and get the creative thoughts flowing with your staff members.

General Suggestions

Conveyor Systems

Web Systems

Small Part/Flood Lamps

Multiple Lamps

Spot Cure

Dimensional Curing