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How To Measure - Introduction

Radiometry is an extremely powerful tool for both the design of a UV curing process and as a tool for maintaining the process during production.

Instruments (radiometers and on-line monitors) can be used to evaluate, compare, design and maintain curing equipment systems and formulations. Instruments can also be used to communicate and share information within a company (single or multiple locations) and between suppliers, vendors and customers.

There is no one ‘best' or universal measurement instrument for all applications. The ‘best' measurement instrument for you is going to be one that allows you document, maintain and operate your process and equipment in an efficient and profitable manner. The ‘best' instrument is one that gets used during the design phase of the process/project. The ‘best' instrument is one that is used on a regular basis and possibly more frequently if issues arise (you know issues will arise-maybe a better word would be when) on the production line. Having an instrument locked away in a supply cabinet and using it only when production is down is not ‘how' you should measure.

In order to measure UV, the measuring instrument has to be ‘exposed' to the UV in your system. Measuring devices can be passed under/through, inserted into (probe on a temporary or permanent basis) or installed into the UV system.

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