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Categories of UV Curing

UV curing embraces a variety of materials and product handling methods. The size and shape of the part, the area of the surface, and the speed of the process will require different curing systems to accommodate them. UV curing might be divided into several categories, distinguished by size of work surface and type of motion of the work piece, and lamp configuration. These categories are (1) Linear Curing, (2) Flood, or Area Curing, and (3) Spot Curing. Even within the latter two, curing exposure can be dynamic (part or lamp moves) or be static (neither moves during the exposure. A process with intermittent motion is a combination.

The significance of these distinctions is not only in configuration of the curing systems, but in the fact that different types of radiometers are required for design and monitoring of them.

For radiometry, we make the distinction between static measurement and dynamic measurement simply based on whether the radiometer is moving through the UV field or not.