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Recommended Practice for Reporting Data

A recommended practice is to accompany any reported measurement with either an indication of the wavelength range for that measurement or, at least, the identification of the instrument used. All radiometer manufacturers provide information on the wavelength band response of their instruments, and instrument-to-instrument agreement within the same model is generally good. Without this information, data cannot be interpreted meaningfully or used for any comparison or specification.

A suggested form of the reported numerical data might be, for example, to include an indication of the instrument or wavelength band. These examples show different ways of communicating the radiometer information: (a) by manufacturer's designated band, (b) by wavelength-defined band, or (c) by identifying the specific instrument used. Whatever form or format is used to report radiometer data, it must include adequate information about the method in order for it to be repeated or to be used as a basis for process monitoring.

When energy data is recorded or reported, a precise indication of the speed at which the measurement is made is essential. Further, this permits the correlation of energy to other speeds.